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  • We design the workshops to suit you.
  • Each workshop has a duration of 20 hours that are distributed according to the interest of our users, for example: Wednesday from 2 to 4.
  • We move to your place, residential complex, company, college, etc. or you can enroll your child in our workshops that are held at the Jardín Botánico de Medellín.
  • We work with minimum 10 - maximum 25 children.
  • Each workshop has a cost of: $ 300,000 COP (excluding VAT) per child. Includes all materials and snacks.



In this workshop the we know the story of Arbolito and the dangers it faces (fire, garbage, people) is revealed. Children learn that trees feel, suffer, and understand the importance of trees in the ecosystem.


Arbolito with his magic, empowers the children and makes them heroes to save the planet, so we motivate them to write stories with messages to save the world and finally we sow a tree.


  • We play tv game
  • A short film is made
  • The workshop can focus on specific topics (water saving, light, recycling, etc.)

Jojo is very creative and knows that to have new things does not necessarily have to be bought because every object that is considered junk can have a second life.


In this workshop we motivate the children to be entrepreneurs, we motivate them to create something that can be sold, we play to create a product with sustainable material, we encourage their leadership, they do not have the shy to speak and offer their products.


  • We play TV game.
  • We create a promotional video of the products.

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photographs of some workshops